Valandinne from Magpies and Tigers

"Your hate and rage have saddened me
but greater will be your woe
when you remove the mask of your making
to reveal my face and realize
you have despised the disir of your heart's desire
to dishonor a true friend
is a grief that goes beyond the grave."

Misha Seidr
Shaman Misha

Jack Jinx Speaks Except from Yellowjacket

"There are some tales that can be lived and not told, and there are some tales that can be told and not lived. There are storytellers and tattle tellers and feral cyphers that write in blood-red ink under the pale moonlight. There are people whose lives are defined by the accomplishments they made, and those that are defined by the illusions they created. My life is my prayer. I prayed. Lightning in my bones, thunder in my blood; let me be the lightning rod between the faithless earth and God. And so I was."

"They say nothing is sacred anymore. But that is not true. Everything is sacred. It always was."

bear mountain

"Cats and horses represent mystery and power. Without either the world would be lackluster and dull."

"Of all the peoples of the world, I think I admire most the ravens. They have no notion of nations or militaristic ideals or religious dogmas or cultural biases. They are not slaves to their tools. They gain sustenance from the aftermath of both death and birth. God flows through their feathers and veins simultaneously. The ravens are a people at one with father sky and mother earth."

Misha's drum

"I studied Nordic shamanism, seidr, and Native Cree Medicine Path, and then threw in a good dose of San Bushmen Num and Mongolian Windhorse. A balanced medicine wheel puts a sacred spin on it."

"They call fiction the "liar's craft" but I reject that definition. Lying is meant to deceive and my writing, by contrast, is meant to illuminate the truth."

Misha & Hugin


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