Selections from Prayers of Steel and Red Spider White Web

alt - a genetically altered human designed for a specific purpose. See 'fashalt'.

ammi cam - ambulatory video recorder. The consumer version of a 'wiredog'.

amplivest - vest that amplifies the wearers choice of sounds, usually voice.

autoplay - compact virtual multimedia player.

Ba Tribe - tribe of genetics that were hybridized using DNA from badgers.

batterskitz - malevolent shadowy manta ray shapes usually seen on the edge of one's field of vision.

- short for human being.

Bell Factory - penal institution, often for illegal/non government approved artists. Inmates involved in the manufacture of projectile weapons and medical experimentation including the perfusing of heads.

Blakratz- a notorious and violent gang that contracts itself out to corporate entities for all manner of illegal activities.

bonotonin - a neurotransmitter analog.

BopZ - benzyloxypromezap - a modified pesticide. The zombie's drug of choice.

bot - self motivating robot, as in salesbot, padbot, newsbot, warbot, etc.

brain box - technology developed from perfusing heads that can read and holographically project the contents of brain tissue.

Buty - pronounced 'beauty', the street name for a t-butyl tranquilzer.

capillary-enhanced spot - a place on the body infused with extra capillary blood vessels, usually the wrist, for the quick absorbtion of drugs.

chili - reference to anyone or anything that has fallen prey to cannabalistic zombies.

clone tank - industrial sized vats, often abandoned or forgotten, containing mixtures of chemical compounds that facilitate the cloning process.

coldsax - portable refrigeration packets.

Comma Cops - data agents loyal to the Comma 7 super computer.

Common Good - planetary corporate conglomerate with ties to anything that generates a profit or exerts social control.

conapt - a tiny but much coveted living space containing a desk, 'pot' and tub that converts to a bed.

crimestop holo - Friendly Navvy holographic kiosk that offers drugs, sex, or credit for information on any of the holographically projected persons.

DAT men - data bounty hunters.

DAT vehicle - vehicle equiped for seeking, capturing, assimilating and transmitting all types of data.

Ded Tek - abandoned industrial complex surrounding Mickey-san populated by nongov artists, wiggers and zombies.

delete - someone who's identity has been erased from Central Processing data banks rendering them a virtual non-entity cut off from interaction with regular society. They are distinguishable by the amputated first digit of their index finger which would normally be used in digital scans to verify ID and conduct financial transactions.

Dogton - underground city where the laboring class lives and works.

eggheads - citizens of Mickey-san that wear egg shaped masked headgear linked to virtual reality body suits.

fashalt - beautiful, alluring genetically altered human designed to give and receive pleasure.

Fisheater - religious cult where members place their souls into a Koi fish to liberate it and keep it pure.

Friendly Navvys - privately contracted police force equipped with strobe-suits and 60 caliber riot guns responsible for security in Dogton and Ded Tek.

- Government Approved artists that produce art and entertainment software for the eggheads of Mickey-san. Also known as Tans because they wear a uniform of tan pocketless coveralls.

glo nuts - synthetic food confection manufactured in dayglo colors.

heat sinks- auto-projectiles that target their victims body heat.

HooDoos - pertaining to any group of dangerous street denizens.

- giant multi-tentacled malevolence.

Jones Juice - extremely sweet and mildly euphoric beverage.

Juno 888 - the all knowing super computer that controls world commerce and has made data the ultimate currency.

KGI - 'cagey eye' -, governmental intelligence/surveillance agency.

lecture rods- suroplast lances carried by Friendly Navvys and security guards that can deliver incapacitating electrical shocks.

Lungermatic dog - cybernetic canine.

- a sect of Zen-Catholics supporting itself through the manufacture of glo nuts and Jones Juice that considers Tommy Uchida the Messiah.

Mickey-san - the dome covered amusement park city where the idle rich and power elite live and play. No smoking.

mincemeat - anyone in danger of becoming a meal for zombies. Also chili and spam.

- street name for a mixture of methoxylated thebaine molecule. Named after the street artist Motler.

Nature Conservancy lands - reservations sparsely populated by tribes of genetic hybrids that are often the subject of high tech hunts.

nekos - small robotic creations constructed by Tommy Uchida out of discarded technogarbage.

Neoyakuza - New generation Yakuza. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

night walk - illumination built into clothing.

NGA - nongov artist
- 'illegal' street artists who are only allowed to sell their wares at designated times and places like the market at abandoned Laurelhurst Station 508.

ovalcle - oval shaped office compartment.

Pinkies - vicious gangs of idle rich boys usually distiguished by giant facial tattoos, obsessive attention to personal cleanliness, and an equally strong desirous fascination with what they perceive to be the 'filth' of the world, upon whom they usually perpetrate acts of violence.

skinsuit -
a body suit of clone skin grown to a person's specific size and dimensions. The suits can also be grown to contain genetic specific properties. For example, Kumo's body suit is covered with shark denticles.

sound chips - digital wafers containing sampled sounds. When exposed to light they begin to resonate and the sampled sounds become audible with escalating amplification.

spam - see mincemeat.

sugar head - derogatory term for eggheads; citizens of Mickey-san.

suroplast - durable and ubiquitous synthetic used in the manufacture of containers, utensils, body armour, and even buildings and roads.

sushi - street term for the Friendly Navvy police.

Tans - see GAP.

teddy - animated cybernetic companion for the workers and artists in Mickey-san in the form of a large cuddly teddy bear. It dispenses information, conversation, drinks from any of its four teats, as well as sexual favors.

temp credits - electronic currency valid for limited time periods (usually only hours or days) and subject to the wildly fluctuating rates on the exchange board.

Three Sisters Tribe - exclusively female tribe that kills all male offspring at birth.

tit - a viscous, pudding-like mixture, pus yellow, extremely sweet and doped with alcohol and a mild legal hallucinogen.

Vernaz Fish Cult - located in the underwater 'temple' called the Mer, the cult primarily consists of 'mermaids' in satin and latex, a clientele covered in fish oil and... "Fun with fish."

vigowear - synthetic undergarment that can compensate for changes in body temperature and moisture.

walter - a colloquial term to hail or refer to a citizen of Mickey-san.

wiggers - collective term for the contaminated, diseased and dangerous that manage to survive in the cracks and crevices of Ded Tek. Barely functioning on anything resembling a human level, sooner or later they end up as 'chili'.

wiredogs - airborne police surveillance devices to keep riots under control. Every pair of cops on the beat has one.

Zen-Catholic -
"Do what you are doing now, suffer what you are suffering now" - J. P. de Caussade.

zombies - cannabalistic street gang that preys on wiggers, corpses and any other vulnerable food source turning them into 'chili' heavily laced with cummin.

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