jaguar misha

By Misha Nogha copyright 2004

What are you doing?
Brazil's green hell belched up a black jaguar
and left it panting on my pillow
stalking star sparks on midnight velvet
a primordial panthera onca
Peridot eyed and plush pelted.
dragged me from my dreams
and dropped me whole into a maw of ivory fanged poppy jasper
I rose in opaline orchids fetid with fungi and fire ants
my joints loose and fluid,
slink as sinuous obsidian smoke
Tail lashing, whiskers rattling.
I stop to strop my claws on the vanity,
shards of sugar pine scattering the forest floor

Rainforest killer! You caused my conjuring
You thought I was slumbering through your lumbering
but my snoring became roaring,
And startled a cyclone of rainbow birds
that burst out of my windows and spiraled into the cityscape

Adios Corporate Consumosaurs!
I emailed your memento mori
When you sent your programmers to picnic
In the nanoforest
where sacred saffron deer browse digital kudzu
and turquoise dragonflies glitter in tinsel
droning tandem with toothy saws
slicing liana flesh
as the jungle juice runs down your chins
while you drink it fresh in your mourning cups

Burn the jungle and burn me
I lap the red river at your virtual threshold.
You have gone beyond the grid.
Where megapixel monsters
still thrash in brackish swamps

You expected a robot apocalypse reeking with radiation and caustic chemicals
But you will experience Death by life
Which is worse?
Worms wriggling in your wet ware
or botflies burrowing in your bloodstream?
Viruses mutating in your mother board or
jungle fever voodoo in your vitals
One may kill your livelihood and the other- - you.

Heads up mosquito meals
You cannot hack your way out of the living jungle.
Fools seek terror in crackers and cubicles
while outside your window
creeping emerald ivy strangles the stone you are standing on.
Analog slime sleeps between the digital steps

Technonauts beware!
You have moved your machines into the jungle
and the jungle has moved into your machines.
Cutting the branch I am sitting on only brings us jugular to jaw.

A cacophony of monsoon monkeys swings in your mezzanines
any port in a storm
amethyst tarantulas at the terminals
coppery scales of anacondas coil coaxial cables
scarlet macaws and lemon frogs call you to stay online
a sinister spider wraps unwary prey in its silvery web

Crashing the canopies has condemned you
By order of the
Law of the jungle
barbarous stings and bites, amber poisons and pollens
Eat or be-- beetle's breakfast

Why didn't you leave what needed to believed?

You are now doomed to be a joy ridden jungle junky
groveling in the green underworld
where all the passwords are taken by the dearly departed

Not even a hackfest of geeksters can retrieve you here
only a wild werejaguar
summoned by seven Matses shamans
singing icaros in the Amazon Basin.

Shadow makers, I invite you to the
Ritual Reality of the jaguaress
Come dance the path between whistles and bellbirds
La pantera negra paces in fierce forest heat
of a tropical paradise

Ethnocide! Herbicide! Suicide!
Whose side are you on?
There's no turning back
Now the jungle in you knows everything you know, and also, everything you do not know

¡Desea vivo la selva!
iLa selva vive en nosotros!
My ebony curare claw has pierced your soul
and left it quivering on the altar
Under the hungry eye of the jaguar moon

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