Black Cat Blues--Jinx Blues

For Carol, George, Crystal, and Rhonda

The black cat blues migrate north
from sunny southern climes
passing from songster to singer
bringing their good mojo
black satin sashes for magicians to bind spells

pint sized panthers
inky and slinky glide sinuous out of a jungle
of emerald ferns and scarlet poppies

chatoyant green cat-eyes
pierce through overlapping realities
They are hep cats in jazz licks
cool cats slick as black ice
Lucky 13 Black cat charms
Art deco cats slender as easels

four bolts of bottled lightning
four slices of midnight
four black stars from the spiral galaxies
from beyond the scope of lens of the Hubble

four black cats dispel
spells of trouble
Four fruit bats with licorice whip tails
A pride of pettable panthers

I wear their four images on my collar bone
They are the cardinal cats
Moon Magik for the south
Jack Jinx from the west
In the North Stands Mystery
And Renegade the lawless from the east

The black cat is moon mistress
Queen of Halloween
Friend of Witches
familiar of the Ginnunga-gap

The black cat represents the Great Mystery
She has already seen each reality
She has already moved in the parallel Universes

Jet sphinx minx and hi-jinx
sashay dance sing song purrs and mews
Four black cats chasing away the midnight blues

magik and the norns
experience the mystery - adopt a cat from siamese rescue

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